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New Era Christian School Takes the Preschool Classroom Outside

Outdoor Education Space at NEC Allows Preschoolers to Explore and Learn with Nature

New Era Christian SchoolOutdoor education allows children to connect with nature and enjoy His Creation. It provides opportunities for children to use their imaginations and to be creative with different materials made available to them. When playing in the outdoor education space, children are encouraged to use their problem-solving skills, ask questions, and work closely with their peers. The activities are open-ended, which allows them to determine how to play with the materials provided.

In a recent time outside, the preschoolers at New Era Christian School excitedly used loose parts and chalk to create and design faces, flowers, animals, designs, and other objects.

A large tractor tire suddenly became a tent and they used golf tees and string to create different rooms coming off from the tire. Students also added a “bonfire” using hula hoops as the pit and sticks as the “fire”. This type of play was strictly child-directed. They came up with this idea on their own and worked together to turn the tire into a tent and camping area.

Besides learning ABC’s and 123’s, learning through play is an important part of preschool. We are excited to create an outdoor learning space where this type of learning can take place.

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