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New Era Christian School: When The Storm Hits & Community Surrounds You

We are educators. That’s why kids come to school here. To learn and prepare them for high school. Academics are important and, to be honest, we do that very well here. Our students rank at the top in the state.

But there’s so much more going on here at New Era Christian School. We are a loving community of believers who support, disciple, love, laugh, pray and even cry together, year after year.

We GROW in the Word and as a school family. How? We get real and get low and jump in when needed. That can be teachers coming to work early for group devotions, prayer time and bible study. Other times it is seen when parents pray over each other in the halls or students lift each other up in prayer. As life would have it here in this broken world, sometimes families go through difficult trials and they need the loving support of our school community. One story, in particular, comes to mind that is a beautiful example of just that.

Dion and Amy Stumpo have three kids, ages 8, 6, and 4 in grades 2nd, K and a three-year-old in preschool. As life would have it, they hit some tough times. Here’s a sweet testimony about how the love of NEC touched them amidst their trial:  

Two years ago, we found out that our two-year-old daughter, Jubilee, had a dislocated hip for an unknown amount of time. It may have been since birth and nobody caught it. She had surgery in January 2017. We were pretty new to New Era Christian School. Our oldest son, Dion, had been in four-year-old preschool and at the time of the surgery was a kindergarten student.  We weren’t really familiar with the families or staff yet.  The only reason we informed anyone at school that the surgery was happening was that our son was quite concerned about it. If it came up at school, we wanted people to be aware so they knew how to help him.

When the surgery happened, Mrs. Wolffis told us to expect an envelope coming home with our kindergarten son.  Our assumption was that it was an envelope full of get well cards that the class had made. When he got home we saw it was this big office envelope full of cards signed by the students and staff with, “We’re praying for you” AND gift cards for gas, groceries and a quick bite to eat.  

Even after the surgery, we’d run into different people and they’d ask, “Are you the one with the little girl who had the surgery?  We’ve been praying for you. How’s she doing?”  People genuinely cared.  It was a little bit overwhelming because we had never been a part of a community quite like that.

When we would come in to drop Dion or Hannah off, kids would see us in the hallway with Jubilee in her big old pink body cast and would recognize her.  It wasn’t one of those things where they say that they are praying for you but they really are not. You could tell by the reactions of the kids when they saw her that they had been praying for her because they recognized her as “the baby who we prayed for.”  

Precious little Jubilee Stumpo in her pink body cast.

It was really cool to be part of a community that was so involved in helping in any way that they could.  We even had a friend through school and church that helped us with transporting our other kids from school a lot of days just so I wouldn’t have to buckle Jubilee in the car with the whole contraption.

It is really awesome to be part of a community that rallied around us and supported us when, at the time, they didn’t know us that well.

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