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In the Wake of the Pandemic West Michigan Christian Schools Announces Variable-Rate Tuition Program

Has the cost of Christian education kept you from exploring it for your child?

At WMCS we are committed to making this legacy a possibility for every family.

That’s right, every family.

One of West Michigan Christian Schools foundational missions is to provide private Christian education that is accessible to families with varying income levels.

Families just like yours!

How? We offer “variable-rate tuition.” That means, tuition rates are not fixed or one-size-fits-all. We determine the tuition your family pays based on your income and unique situation while, at the same time, asking you to keep in mind that Christian education is an investment and a gift. Our goal is to make it one that you can afford.

It’s true!

In fact, we’ve been doing it for years! Very few of our families pay the full cost of education and many receive tuition assistance.

How can we afford to pass on this gift to families?

West Michigan Christian Schools have been able to sustain Christian education for 140 years due to the grace of God who has brought us generous generational supporters.

WMCS Timeline Infographic with chronological dates and logos of all five schools
WMCS has been offering Christian Education in the Lakeshore region of West Michigan for more than 100 years!

From these gifts each schools’ endowment has grown, helping to offset tuition. Additional funding comes from private donations, school fundraising, and our retail fundraising stores, DIBS! On Resale and B2 Outlet Store both in Muskegon, Once and Again in Grand Haven, and The Nest in Fremont.

Simply put, God provides!

Want to learn more?

We invite you to reach out today! A school advisor is waiting to help determine which of our five schools is the best fit for your family. An in-person or virtual tour of the school, campus and classrooms will follow. We’ll walk you through the rest!

With variable-rate tuition, making the investment of enrolling your child in our Pre-K through 12 Christian school system has never been more accessible!

Contact us today at WMCSchools.org!

West Michigan Christian Schools (WMCS) is a collaborative system of five schools throughout the Lakeshore region of Western Michigan, that work under a “Better Together” philosophy, offering a top-quality PK-12 Christian Education experience and a full scope of academic and extracurricular programs. Please click here to contact WMCS.